Fred Tate Wools Ltd




PeterFred Tate Wools Limited (FTW) is a wool trading and brokering company.


Wool is bought from farmers in the Gisborne/East Coast district, and sold by auction or private treaty to Wool Exporters.Dog food is sold as a complementary product to support the shed to sale service that characterizes the business.

The business has restructured over the last three years to accommodate the changing trends in wool demand and marketing globally. Relationships with industry members and joint ventures have strengthened the company’s ability to process and sell product. Staff and operations at Fred Tate Wools have been streamlined to reduce fixed costs.

Fred Tate Wools Limited has a strategic relationship with Phillipa Wright Wools Ltd (PWW) , Waipukurau through two joint venture operations. They each have a 50% shareholding in Country Auctions Ltd, which is an approved wool-brokering agency with the NZ Wool Brokers Federation, enabling shareholders to auction wool on behalf of themselves and others. They also have a 50% shareholding in a Dag Processors Ltd, Waipukurau, where sheep dags from are processed to extract wool and manure for on-selling.



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