Taieri Wool & Skin Ltd




Taieri Wool & Skins was established in 1984 and initially operated only in the wider Taieri area. Over the years the business has developed greatly and has expanded to service the whole of the Otago region.

Our commitment to providing friendly, reliable and cost effective services makes for a great relationship with our clients.

We have grown the business by extending our service and have set up Otago Woolbrokers to auction wool on behalf of the farmers which complements Taieri Wool & Skins private buying.

With our positive attitude and the belief that there is a good future in the wool industry we are continuing to move forward and develop better opportunities to gain the best return for our clients.

As a pro-active compnay we support 100% the initative that the IWTO are using for research and marketing of wool.

As a proud member of the WoolFirst network we urge farmers to contact us to meet all your wool requirements.



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